It’s the little moments

So far, we have had a surprisingly low-key week.  After our weekend with 8 boys in our house, we have all been trying to catch up on our rest.  There have been a few fun moments that I have been able to take note of, and sometimes I can catch a picture.

As a mom, there are things that I just don’t ever imagining myself saying.

“Let’s go pay your traffic ticket(s),  and then buy strings for your ukulele.”

“Put your sword away – you CANNOT swing that at your brother.”

(*Note, this un-sharpened sword was a gift at his right of passage.  It’s heavy and pointy, but won’t cut any appendages off.  I chose to hang it on his wall as a decoration.  That may not have been the best choice)


Sometimes, the things they say…

“If you’re going to make fun of me, or something, just do it and then leave…”

He was right.  I was going to make fun of him… His statement made me laugh, so I forgot what I was going to say. He ruined all my fun.

They are all about their hair…


“Why are you wearing my headband?”

“…because I found it.”

“Take if off before you break it…”

A few minutes later… “Look mom, my dream hair!”


This is one of the only times that he is vulnerable enough that I can do this.  He doesn’t want to upset his grandpa or mess up his haircut.  He can only give me mean looks. So, I take full advantage of that.


Then sometimes, they are clever…

While Derek was on the phone with the NTTA updating our license plates for our toll tags, they had great ideas about phone communication…

Derek, who rattles off and records numbers and letters over the phone all day, is really good to be clear when communicating.  He makes the letters clear by giving examples such a  “K as in Kieth, F as in Frank…” Then, “G… as in…”

“Gnome, ‘G’ as in gnome, dad!” – They also think that “P, as in Pterodactyl'” and “K, as in know” would be great examples as well.  If anyone reading this ever has to be on the customer service end of a phone call with my children – I apologize in advance…

Sometimes they’re “punny”

With 3 frozen, personal size pizzas on a cookie sheet ready to bake, I observed, “Wow, you are eating a lot of pizzas”.  “Mom, if you’re going to feed me mini pizzas, I’m going to eat many pizzas,” he said… ba-dum Tshh (roll my eyes)

Sometimes, they’re just unaware…

Jono came home from school, and asked if I had washed his P.E. shirt, because it was fitting tighter than before.  He pulled that shirt out of his bag.

First of all, if I had washed it, I did a really bad job, because it smelled to high heaven.

Secondly, that medium is either a child size medium, or my dryer went into overdrive.

This was the smallest shirt I had seen in a very long time.IMG_3075

Just for fun, Jono said, “Let me show you!”


The poor kid had actually worn that in P.E. the day before.

We’ve concluded, obviously, that he picked up someone else’s gym clothes on accident.

We’re ordering a new gym shirt…

Those weeks, when there is nothing spectacular to talk about, I enjoy remembering those little moments and taking note of them.  I know, in the busyness of this life. Those are the moments we will forget first.

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Married to the love of my life for 20 years, mother of 3 boys, recently “retired” from the beauty business, and learning to be a stay at home Mom.

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