Ready for the weekend?

So, I’m sitting in the lobby at Md Anderson Cancer Hospital in Houston, Texas!

Side note: this place is just amazing. Words cannot describe the doctors, the nurses, the care, and the facility. Unbelievable!

Anyway, I tried to donate blood or platelets or something, but I’m too anemic. Oddly enough, my dad (the cancer patient) and I had the same hemoglobin count. For him, that’s exciting, and nearly a miracle. For me, it’s disappointing and means I need to eat well, like a normal human being.

So, as soon as my parents return from the last appointment for the day, we will load up and head back to Dallas, and I believe, a house full of boys!

I have stocked up my freezer and fixed a few of our favorite treats in hopes of convincing these young men that I am cool. At the very least, I’m just trying to prevent them from making fun of me when they leave…

This is our first youth church retreat in our new church. I’m looking forward to getting to know some new people and take in all the chaos!


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Married to the love of my life for 20 years, mother of 3 boys, recently “retired” from the beauty business, and learning to be a stay at home Mom.

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