My timehop laugh for the day…

So this showed up on Timehop today. I love that app, because it always reminds me of some of my favorite memories.

Here you see, “Jonster the Monster”


The caption on this picture was:

“So, Jono wanted Isaac’s attention. To distract him, Isaac told him to try to lick his elbow, and when he could, he would talk to him! We found a new talent…”

It took a little bit of time, and stretching, I guess, but obviously, he accomplished his goal.

What Isaac didn’t take into consideration…

  • Jono really wanted to talk to him
  • Jono is very determined
  • Jono is double jointed


**I wonder how many people tried to lick their elbow after they saw this post…


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Married to the love of my life for 20 years, mother of 3 boys, recently “retired” from the beauty business, and learning to be a stay at home Mom.

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