New friends, a bag of chips, and ukuleles

This morning was the end of a hard night for my biggest guy. Last night and this morning included working, a lack of sleep, a new semester of college, a small car accident, and missing one of his classes on the first day.

Other than a dent in the door of his Mustang, he was upset because the young lady who backed up into his car, also invited herself to wait for the police in his passenger seat. When she did, she sat on his Sunchips (after she had locked her keys and wallet in her own car).  Also, a Dr. Pepper was lost somewhere, but I’m still unsure about that part of the story.  Anyway, he really wanted those Sunchips!

After he was home safely, he curled up on the couch, with his head in his arms, visibly upset – about the Sunchips.

As he laid on the couch, he yelled something at me from another room. I thought I heard him say, “Mom, don’t talk to me, I just want to eat some bologna”.

He wasn’t being disrespectful.  I admit, I might have been annoying him just a little.  He was home, nobody was hurt in the ordeal, all was going to be okay… I have to find humor in the tumultuous moments of life.

“Bologna, why do you want to eat bologna?”, I asked.

“Oh my goodness, mom!!!  I didn’t say that I wanted to eat bologna.  I said, ‘I just want a ukulele’! UUUUUGH!” (Again, very loud.  He is always very loud)


I stopped asking questions.

Eating bologna (even though he never eats it) made more sense to me…

But whatever…

Then he fell asleep, and awoke this afternoon, still just as annoyed with me as he was when he went to sleep!

Bless his heart!  I just love these boys!

Thankful for God’s protection…

Thankful for God’s provision…

Thankful for God’s gifts of laughter and love…

**Please, try this at home… bury your head in your arms and yell, “I just want a ukulele”.  Then find out how those around you interpret that statement… but first, you have to tell them how badly you want some Sunchips!