Timehop Helps Cure Mother’s Amnesia!

As I stood behind a chair for 20 years, conversing with several people each day, I have had lots of stories to tell. I have always enjoyed the “‘material” the guys in my life have provided, and they provided plenty…


When I would tell my funny or sweet stories, seasoned mothers told me to write these things down so you will remember them later.

Since my mind was so sharp and keen (insert sarcastic eye roll), I didn’t listen. I just knew I would remember them forever.

Well, now, I’m 40. I have been somewhat distracted for the last 19 years or so. I realize my mind is clouded, full, or just not as sharp as I thought it was. I don’t remember these things like I thought I would, because, well, life happens…


Thank goodness for Facebook and Timehop. My social media habit has paid off! As I have posted stories over the years on Facebook, Timehop reminds me of those stories each year. So fun! This is probably one of my favorites…


Today’s lesson:  Moms, if you don’t write down your memories, at least share them on Facebook so that we can all enjoy them, as well… and, any sarcasm is always appreciated!




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Married to the love of my life for 20 years, mother of 3 boys, recently “retired” from the beauty business, and learning to be a stay at home Mom.

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