Tonight, we had the opportunity to attend Open House at Jono’s school, Mary Lillard Intermediate.


Tonight was such a refreshing, exciting time for Derek and I.  Jono didn’t want to go, but once we arrived, he was excited to show us his classrooms, talk to his teachers, and let us  know what he is involved in.


This was a 100% improvement from the first time we saw this child in this environment. He was comfortable in his classrooms.  We met some of his friends. His teachers all had good reports for us.  The faculty seemed very pleased with his schedule change and the effect it has had on him.

So, all who prayed for this kid while he struggled to adjust.  Thank you!



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Married to the love of my life for 20 years, mother of 3 boys, recently “retired” from the beauty business, and learning to be a stay at home Mom.

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