Who knew Lowe’s could be so dangerous?

Our oldest, Isaac, has left Texas to visit IL for the weekend.  Homecoming was this weekend and he went back to visit friends, and his Queen!

So, needless to say, it has been quiet around here… except for a leaky toilet. Apparently, plumbing in this house is good for about 11 years.  All of our shower faucets are loose, and we had 2 of them completely come off while hosting 8 boys – all who were trying to take showers.  Our kitchen sink has a drip, and 2 of our toilets are getting an overhaul.

So, you know what that means… a trip to Lowe’s.  Many times, our trips to Lowe’s can be a long drawn out affair.  Especially when Derek and I go together.  I usually run in and out knowing exactly what I need.  When Derek is with me, it means we’re making a decision or solving a problem.

Our kids are used to many years of long waits at home improvement stores.  Isaac was always very impatient.  He was ready to go, did not like waiting, and made sure to tell us.  Russ on the other hand, gets creative.

He has always had quite an imagination.  He can make any situation into a battle, a war, or a combat zone. Jono is so easy going, he just goes along with whatever stories that Russ comes up with.

After waiting for a good little bit, Derek finally got to talk to the Lowe’s employee.  While he was helping Derek, I looked down the aisle and saw this going on.


Yep, he’s guiding Jono down the aisle, threatening his life from behind with a PVC pipe – and Jono is letting him.

The Lowe’s employee was actually in the middle of the action for a bit.  He may have thought it was just a kid swinging a PVC pipe at his brother, but little did he know…  he barely escaped the wrath of whatever that PVC pipe was shooting out. It was a close one. I’m not sure he realized just how lucky he was to get out of there alive.

These are things in my life that I see on a regular basis, and they seem normal to me.  I realize, though, that few things in my life are normal…

Now for the really fun part – actually fixing the plumbing.*

*That part is actually not fun at all.  Usually, it is quite tense and frustrating.  That’s why I’m quietly writing as he is fixing.  He did not appreciate this picture being taken, but I feel you all needed to see how hard he is working.



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Married to the love of my life for 20 years, mother of 3 boys, recently “retired” from the beauty business, and learning to be a stay at home Mom.

3 thoughts on “Who knew Lowe’s could be so dangerous?”

  1. Good for him attempting it on his own. My hubs would just hire a plumber. Love the PVC pipe death march. My dad was a big DIY guy, which meant tons of trips to the hardware store for my sister and me. We’d find the plungers, each stick one to the floor, and have a contest to see whose would stay stuck the longest before the suction came undone. That or we’d sword fight with them, which is nasty come to think of it. And we’re girls! Hardware stores are great ways for kids to use their imaginations! 🙂


    1. Yes, he’s a big DIY guy. Thank goodness he is a really smart guy, so, he usually accomplishes his task sooner or later. Sometimes we are there so long, I join in the fun – that’s not very often, though! LOL!


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